Group Lessons

Cardio tennis is a fun group activity for any an all playing levels, looking to have a fun way to burn calories, sharpen your tennis kills, and socialize outside of the gym.

Cardio Tennis is a high paced energy focused workout that combines the best of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering a fully body, calorie burning workout. So get ready to cover the court with multiple movement based ball drills and exciting point play action.

Adult Lessons

Lessons are structured and catered to each individuals specific needs. With modern techniques top notch drills and match play strategies. Whether you are looking to fine tune your game, or just kick your work shoes off and let out some steam by knocking around a ball after a long day in the office. We have it all.

Kids Lessons

Our high performance system helps juniors of all levels from beginner to advanced improve all aspects of their game. With world class drills, techniques and focused one on one attention to build all the tools a young player will need take his game to new levels and meet his tennis goals.

Private Lessons

Private tennis lessons are suited for all players from beginner to advanced and are recommended for the player looking to accelerate their development and work on specific aspects of their game, with a top notch coach. Lessons incorporate techniques, drills and match play situations to help improve their overall game fast and effectively.

Semi-Private lessons

Semi-Private lessons allow students to share their time and enjoy the social aspect of tennis while working on their game and reducing costs. In most cases players make their own arrangements to pair up together for semi-private lessons.

After School Program

For the competitive player unable to break away from regular school hours and looking for the opportunity to train. Our high performance after school training program is for you. With intense live ball repetition, handball feeding Drills and match play to provide them top notch training to grow their skills and their game.