Full Time

The Full time high performance training program is dedicated and designed to meet the needs of each individual student who is looking to play competitive tennis and take their game to the highest levels.

Our training program provides players with an ideal environment to improve their tennis skills under the guidance of a professional coach.

Mentorship and individual training is a crucial part of our coaching regime. No matter what level our student start from, we adapt our programme to make sure all students receive the necessary attention to develop the skills they need to achieve their tennis goals.

Our key focus is on organized and dynamic training designed to help players develop an all-court game. With a special attention dedicated to serve and return, since up to 70% of modern day tennis is played within the first three shots of the rally.

Mental and Fitness Training

We believe mental toughness, and physical fitness are absolutely key in achieving success on the tennis court. We teach you how to implement mental tactics and strategies in pressure situation. By focusing on attitude and performance rather the outcome, We aim develop a respectful yet competitive mind set with a winning attitude to take to tennis court. This, combined with our top notch fitness regime aims to build players strength, speed, agility, endurance, footwork and flexibility. With mental and physical strength the player will achieve results and have confidence that they can play at the best of their abilities not only through a match but throughput the whole tournament.

Short-Term Training

Players who are looking for short-term training whether on break, just passing through or preparing for a tournament, we offer short term and weekly packages.
We customize and tailor suit a program to fit your current needs making sure you get the most out of training during your stay. Giving you the opportunity to improve on the most important part of your game.