Austin Karosi – Professional Tennis Player

Austin has trained to become a top professional tennis player. After training and playing tournaments all over the world, he won his first ATP points in 2009.

For the last 7 years, Austin has been based in Singapore, where he provides tennis lessons in addition to training.
Over the years, Austin has trained with many top players such as current WTA #1 and US open champion Angie Kerber, as well as 2 time ATP Grand Slam Winner, Stan Wawrinka.

Austin Karosi is USPTA Certified

Why is it important to find a USPTA Certified Professional to help you with your game?

Tennis Lessons

At KarTennis, we offer the following Tennis Lessons.

Cardio tennis is a fun group activity for any and all playing levels, looking to have a fun way to burn calories, sharpen your tennis kills, and socialize outside of the gym.

Cardio Tennis is a high paced energy focused workout that combines the best of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering a fully body, calorie burning workout. So get ready to cover the court with multiple movement based ball drills and exciting point play action.

What Our Clients Say

“I got to know Austin in 2013, and quickly realized that he is not only a top class tennis player (ranked as high as 924 ATP in Singles, and sparring partner of many ATP top 50 players) but also a great tennis coach. He has an innate ability to understand your game, maximize your strengths and give you the motivation to develop your tennis. Under Austin’s advice and coaching, I have materially improved my game, which has allowed me to win more matches at ATP futures level and to achieve the ranking of #1 in Singapore in Singles in 2016. Most importantly, Austin is a great person, always available, fun to hang out with and easy going, a true gem indeed.”

Gianandrea Heyer

“Austin is able to adjust the training sessions to fit my level. He is able to pinpoint what I am struggling with and give me pointers and exercises to improve my game. Training with Austin is efficient, but above all it is a lot of fun. I highly recommend him as a coach.”

Ingrid Hogset
“Not only is Austin one of Singapore’s top ranked tennis players with fantastic technical knowledge, but he is also an inspiring and fun tennis coach! I would highly recommend him for people of all ages wanting to enjoy their time while simultaneously greatly improving their tennis game.”
Dr. Max Gregor

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